quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

The making of a Princess

Hey you all... i am in a major project! Planning my 4 year old daughter the so wished "Princess Party". So being a google freak, we've searched hundreds of ideas of how to make it perfect. To begin with, I did not want to do any Disney Princess because it's already so common and I like unique things. BUT, I had no choice since she is really into Belle nowadays... so... we are doing it! My color scheme is light pink and yellow...  those were my inspirations:

The pink card on the left was the invitation for the school party. By the way, after all I've decided to do two different parties: one at school and one at home that will happen this month of November. This is how the school party came out:

I gave her the Mrs. Tea Pot set as a surprise gift and she loved it! 
And the cutest thing was the way she hosted her own party, handing out candy for her "guests" and giving the girls a makeup lesson! 
I was very proud of her... They had a blast!

Then she opened her gifts... here are some of her friends... note how she is book lover (I guess this could be one of the reasons she loves Princess Belle). 

And finally the cake, which had chocolate and yellow cakes with chocolate ganache and strawberries and cream as fillings, covered with white chocolate mousse 
and decorated with little pink roses and a yellow star candle. DELICIOUS!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

And that was it... a afternoon of simple delight and fun for a 4 year old girl and her friends...

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  1. debbie! hurray! love the new blog!!! make sure you post everything!! so we can know whats going on with you.

  2. Debbie!! How exciting that you got a blog! I'm sure you will love the blogging world! I cant wait to see all of your ideas for the princess party! Rachel will looks so cute. I can picture it already. Oh and btw everything in your blog is in portuguese. like where it says "followers, post comments etc" I'm not sure if you knew that!!

    Cant wait to read more of your blog!!

  3. Hi girls!!! Yeah i know Camila... it tried to change it already, but no clue what happened! I'm still getting to know it... rsrs... i'll get there! :)

  4. Love the blog and I love the name! so perfect! Yes, I agree with Beca, post EVERYTHING... there is no such thing as too many details so keep it coming Can't wait to see all of the detail of the party, You look at pinterest.com right???!!!